8. agosto 2017 1

As part of a succession solution, the Swiss gearing specialist Christ & Heiri AG («Christ & Heiri») acquires Grieshaber Feinmechanik GmbH & Co KG («Grieshaber Feinmechanik»). The previous co-owner and CEO Michael Grieshaber will continue to support the company as a consultant.

Grieshaber Feinmechanik is a Black Forest based traditional company with more than 130 years of experience in metalworking. From their modern production facilities in Germany and in Mexico, the company serves a worldwide client base from various sectors. In accordance with strict process requirements (ISO 9001:2015/IATF 16949:2016) Grieshaber Feinmechanik keeps the entire supply chain under one roof: from its workshop for turning and gearing parts to the production and mounting of assemblies.

The two companies form the Christ & Heiri Group («Group»). Together they can better address individual customer requirements, continue their growth path and improve their global market position. The three production facilities in Selzach (Switzerland), Eisenbach (Germany) and Apodaca (Mexico) will continue to produce high precision gearing parts – however, in the medium-term a relocation of the Eisenbach production site to a new one in Löffingen is planned.

In the course of the merger and the succession of Mr. Grieshaber, the company’s management team is reorganized. Olivier Brunner and Thomas Seeler take over the operational management of the Christ & Heiri Group. Olivier Brunner remains CEO of Christ & Heiri AG and becomes technical director of the Christ & Heiri Group. Thomas Seeler heads Grieshaber Feinmechanik and is responsible for the commercial management of the Group. Thomas Seeler has long-standing and successful experience as CFO as well as CEO in manufacturing companies and will ideally complement the existing management team.

Michael Grieshaber, consultant as well as previous co-owner and CEO of Grieshaber Feinmechanik: „With its expertise and innovation power Christ & Heiri is the ideal partner. Together the two companies form a competent and worldwide leading company which will benefit not only our clients but also our employees.“

Thomas Seeler, CEO of Grieshaber Feinmechanik and commercial director of the Christ & Heiri Group: „With the merger between the two successful and profitable companies a renowned and globally operating gearing specialist is established. The company is able to cover the entire value chain as well as to efficiently produce large and small series.“

Olivier Brunner, CEO of Christ & Heiri and technical director of the Christ & Heiri Group: „The technical expertise and the high manufacturing depth of Grieshaber Feinmechanik in combination with the process and production knowhow of Christ & Heiri are the fundamentals to meet the increasing requirements and needs of our customers.“